Monday, April 19, 2010

My Workspace

Some of you have asked what my workspace looks like and how I keep myself organized.  I will attach some pictures for you to view.  This was our game room which turned into my workspace/computer room.  As you will see in my pics, my room is multi-color :).  Not by choice!  The shelves and bins I wanted didn't come in the colors I would have liked them to.  It's not the nicest room as you can see but it works for me right now.  I have almost everything I need in this room.
This is one side of the room.  On this side it's where I design and build all my pieces

On this wall, I keep one shelf with my shipping supplies and gift boxes I use.  The other shelf on the left actually has over 200 pieces of jewelry in those picture boxes you see.

This is our computer area.  My Golden Retriever "Chelsea" sits right by my side.  She follows me everywhere I go.

This is my work table.  It's hard to see but the table has black compartment trays.  I keep my most used tools here.  In the clear bins above, I also keep my most used supplies such as toggles, headpins, jumprings, crimps and wires.  In the bins below, I have some charms I've been working a lot with lately as well as chain.  My desk has 3 small shelves below.  I keep my ziplock bags for storing my jewelry and some supplies.

My husband built me this small table.  I use it to do my hand stamping here.

This is where I keep my beads and findings.  I purchased the red wall drawers units from the garage section at a hardware store.  I have exactly 156 small drawers in all. In my black bins I keep my larger beads.  I try and organize my beads by color.  I keep them in zip lock bags with the name and the cost.

I needed some shelf space.  I purchased these bookshelves for about $40 ea. at Walmart.  I keep my shipping supplies and boxes here.

I used to have tools on this side but moved them under my stamping table.  I now keep my finished jewelry in these boxes.  Over 200 of them. 
I purchased picture boxes for $1.50 ea.  I label each one.  I am in need of more right now.  I never have enough of them.

I put my jewelry in ziplock bags.  In each bag I also keep record of what supplies I used for that piece, cost and selling price.  I created my own small calculation forms on the computer.
This is my desk where all my computer work is done.  I spend a lot of time here.

We also keep 2 more computers for my 6 year old and 9 year old. 
So this is it.  This is where it all happens!  Leave me a note and if you'd like tell us about YOUR space.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Idea

Hi Everyone!
I made this bracelet for all the moms out there.  A perfect gift for Mother's Day.  What do you think?

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